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About us

The Jens Kertz-Kurowski & Karlheinz Scheid GmbH offers you full services for steel- and enamel-repairs of your pressure vessels, machines and plant components.

As experienced technicians, Mr. Scheid and Mr. Kertz-Kurowski accomplish appropriate work. Their long-time experience with enameled pressure vessels guarantees professional work on your equipment.

The business leader Mr. Scheid is familiar with steel- & enamel-repairs, pipeline construction and glas assembly for many years. His partner and co-leader, Mr. Kertz-Kurowsi has learned his profession from Mr. Emil Bajohr and has also several years of experience. They are able to repair your enamel-agitator vessels and other attachment parts.

The clients of Jens Kertz-Kurowski & Karlheinz Scheid GmbH can use this know how to minimize their maintenance- and repair-downtimes.